The fourth-annual IoT Device Security Virtual Conference will focus on securing all aspects of Industrial Environments, Automotive Platforms, and Mass-Market/Consumer Products, from the Edge to the Cloud, using techniques like AI, machine learning, and blockchain.

Date: November 9, 2021

The Virtual IoT Device
Security Conference

Securing today's connected, AI,
and machine learning devices


You will get hacked. It’s no longer a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when.” But more importantly, what happens when the inevitable occurs is more important than ever. Your data, your network, and your finances must remain safe, regardless of what your end application is.

At the 2021 IoT Device Security Conference, we will look at security from every possible angle, focusing on three key applications: industry, automotive, and consumer/mass market.

Virtually join your peers and experts from around the globe, in a series of live and recorded presentations and keynotes, and get your questions answered in real time. You’ll learn strategies for protecting your connected systems, company, and reputation. This event is free for qualified attendees. It includes in-depth technical sessions that will outline best practices that IoT Developers, Engineering Managers, and Executives can implement to secure the insecure Internet of Things.

For more information, contact Rich Nass, Brand Director, Embedded Computing Design at [email protected].

Scheduled Speakers

Jeanette Sherman
Sr. Director Product Development, Finite State

Sunil Cheruvu
Co-Chair of Trusted Computing Group IoT Committee and Senior Principal Engineer, IoT Security, Intel

Bob Blumenscheid
Senior Product Manager, Digi

Donald Schleede
Security Engineering Director, Digi

Jeffrey Chuang
IoT Division Director, AAEON Technology

Pim Tuyls
President and CEO, Intrinsic ID

Steve Hanna
Distinguished Engineer, Connected Secure Systems Div., Infineon Technologies Americas

Xavier Bignalet
Product Manager for Secure Products Group, Microchip Technology

Chris Jones
IoT Security Solutions Specialist, Crypto Quantique

Kate Stewart
VP, Dependable Embedded Systems, The Linux Foundation

Colin Duggan
CEO, BG Networks

Roman Lysecky
CTO, BG Networks

Michael Duren
Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, BG Networks

Alan Grau
VP Business Development, PQShield

Mayank Babu Rastogi
Technology Director, HCL Technologies

Xinxin Fan
Head of Cryptography, IoTeX