March 26, 2020
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA

The IoT device
security conference

Securing today's connected, AI,
and machine learning devices


The IoT Device Security Conference, now in its third year, is produced by OpenSystems Media’s brands: Embedded Computing Design, IoT Design, Automotive Embedded Systems, and Industrial AI & Machine Learning. The 2020 IoT Device Security Conference will focus on securing all aspects of Industrial Environments, Automotive Platforms, and Mass-Market/Consumer Products, from the Edge to the Cloud, using techniques like AI and machine learning. The conference caters to Design Engineers, System Developers, Programmers, Engineering Managers and Directors, and C-Level Executives.

For more information, contact Patrick Hopper at [email protected].

Are you an expert hacker? Or do you secretly aspire to be one? Join the Hackathon to compete for more than $8000 in prizes.

Here’s your chance to learn some of the “tricks of the trade,” with the goal of becoming a white-hat hacker, while earning some real prizes. And if you’re already a “professional” hacker, you can win the big prize, by being the first to hack into MultiTech’s Conduit gateway. Make no mistake—it won’t be easy. But then, nothing worth achieving is, right? At the same time, you’ll be giving back, by helping MultiTech harden up its gateway. Help stop the bad guys in their tracks.

Hackathon Details

Hack MultiTech’s Conduit 300 Series gateway with mPower™ Edge Compute to compete for more than $8000 in prizes.

Contestants will have the ability to reach up to four levels of vulnerability. The first three are intentionally entered into the code by MultiTech, and they get progressively harder.

All hackers who reach Level 1 will win a T-shirt.

Prizes for Levels 2-4 will be larger and only awarded to the first hackers who get there.

Level 2 prizes - three winners
Chromebook ($350 value each)

Level 3 prizes - two winners
$500 Amazon gift card ($500 value each)

Grand prize for Level 4 - one winner
$2000 cash plus exposure in a blog on ECD ($4000 value total)

Register today for the IoT Device Security Conference and get ready to hack.

Scheduled Speakers

Steve Hanna
Senior Principal, Infineon Technologies

Daniel Kaestner
CTO, AbsInt GmbH

Damon Kachur
VP of IoT, Embedded Solutions IoT, Iocn Labs, a Sectigo Company

Ricky Watts
VP of Industrial Solutions, Wind River

Christopher Schouten
Senior Director, Kudelski Group

Rajeev Gulati
CTO, Data I/O Corporation

Michael Haight
Dir of Business Management for the MCUs, Security, Software BU, Maxim Integrated

Matt Jones
Chief Systems Architect, Automotive, Wind River

Marc Canel
Vice President of Strategy - Security, Imagination Technologies

Xavier Bignalet
Security Product Manager, Microchip

Rich Nass
Executive Vice President, Embedded Computing Design

Brandon Lewis
Editor in Chief, Embedded Computing Design

Chuck Brokish
Director of Automotive Business Development, Green Hills Software

Todd Mozer
CEO, Sensory

Reed Hinkel
Sr. Manager, Embedded Security Market Development, Arm Limited

Suresh Marisetty
Principal Security Solutions Architect, Arm

John Moor
Managing Director, IoT Security Foundation